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Here you will find details of events I have coming up, and any other dance related info that I think may interest you!  


Remember to check back here regularly & if you want more information on anything then please don't hesitate to drop me a message!

Oops... where did I go?!

I realised I have neglecting my website, and when I just logged on to edit and update some information I realised it's been alomst 2 years since I last did that!  Oops....

In my defence, so much is now accessed through social media that I tend to post updates and informtion there for my dancers to see.  However, I know that if you're not a dancer yet but are interested in joining, then my website may be the first thig you stumble across during a search on the internet, so apologies!


I will try and make it a more regular practise to update information on here too, but please do also follow me on Facebook and Instagram if you use either or both of those platforms.  You can find me as "Amira Belly Jewels"





Christmas hafla

10th December


I am still hosting haflas twice a year, and thankfully we are now backing to being able to hold them in a venue and welcome dancers to come and dance with us, and to bring family and friends along too!


Our next hafla is booked for the 10th December, as always at Batchly Social Club and this year it is in aid of the charity "Socks & Chocs"

We also have Sureya joining us as our guest teacher and performer!



Since I last posted on here I have made some changes in my personal life, one of which was leaving my day job to focus fully on teaching dance and starting my own craft business.  

It means I have more time to dedicate to dance and am available for bookings.  Whether it be a performance at an event, to teach dance in schools or residential homes or even for children's dance parties... I have done it all & love what I do!  Whatever you have in mind, if you think a belly dancer can bring some colour and sparkle to your event then please get in touch, I would love to hear from you!