Advanced dancer programme


I have wanted to offer this programme for a while now, and I think it wasn't until I had to navigate my way through teaching dance online during "Lockdown" that it inspired me to finally release my exciting new project!


I know people come to class for various reasons, be it the social aspect, for fitness or to learn the art of Middle Eastern dance!  However, once dancers have mastered the basics of belly dance and learnt some choreographies they often think "what next?"


I think this is where dancers can become a bit 'stuck' as they need to be challenged, inspired and motivated.  It is also difficut for teachers such as myself where classes are open level as I have to cater for varying levels of dance experience.


I have been dancing for over 15 years now and have a wealth of experience and knowledge that I want to share with my dancers.  I want to be able to motivate you to want to grow and develop your own unique dance style personal to you.


This is what inspired me to create the Advanced Dancer Programme.  


It runs in 3 month blocks & consists of the following:

* An informal chat

  (either in person, or via Zoom, depending on preference & circumstances!) to discuss your goals.  What do you hope to get out of this programme?  What do you feel your weaknesses are?  What would you like help with?


* A one to one Zoom class (40 mins)

Focusing on your personal goals and targeting the areas you need, or want, to work on.  This may be brushing up on technique, fluidity in moves, transitions, stage presence or a solo choreography... the list is endless!


* A weekly Zoom class with the other Advanced dancers

I vary what I cover in each 3 month block.  But we have covered so much already, on topics such as presentation skills, transitions, performance skills, taking the fear out of improvisation, technique with difficult moves and  stage presence.  

I have also taught 2 beautiful choreographies to my Advanced dancers with a chance for them to come together at my hafla and perform.


* A private Facebook group only open to advanced dancers

Dancers can use this page to chat, inspire each other & ask questions.  I upload video clips and new music to motivate my dancers and encourage others to do the same!  You can learn so much just from watching other dancers!  I sometimes even throw in a hula hooping session for those who are interested as it really helps with core strengthening and is fun too!


* The chance to submit a video for feedback

This is optional of course, but often it takes someone else to highlight both the positives and the areas that could be improved, as we are our own worst critic!

The cost of this 3 month programme is £45  and enrollment is in January, April, July and October.


Please message me if you're interested in signing up & I look forward to helping you grow as a dancer!