Time flies!

Posted on 20th June, 2022

Well, how time flies... I had on my "to do" list that I needed to update my website, and when I just logged on I realised the last time I popped on here was November 2020! Oops... however, I have been very busy dance-wise, but I just tend to post on social media more now, and by doing so I realised I neglected my website.... I promise I will be more active on here too!


I made a big decision in April 2021 to leave my job as a teaching assistant and focus full time on my 2 businesses - teaching dance and making personalised gifts & crafts.  Both of which I have a huge passion for, and feel extremely lucky to be able to wake up every day and do a job I love.  It isn't always easy, and being self employed I don't think you ever really get a "day off" - you're always answering mesages or thinking  up the next idea.  But I am lucky that I can work my jobs around my boys and my health which took a bit of a knock the past few years.  I now feel happy and positive and my aim is just to keep going, allowing my creative side to flow in both my businesses and to make people smile through doing what I do!


I currently teach 5 classes a week, 2 in venue and 3 online.  I am very lucky to have such a loyal group of dancers who have in the main stayed with me throughout Lockdown and continue to come to class each week.  I have also gained some new dancers along the way through my online teaching and I love that I get to teach women who may live several hours away and wouldn't ordinarily be able to access my classes in venue.  I have the best of both worlds!


This week I am teaching some seated exercise and gentle dance in 2 sheltered housing schemes, and next month in addition to my usual classes I am also teaching a veil workshop too.  I don't tend to sign up for as many performance opportunities as I did in the past, as life is so busy.  My family will always remain my priority and so the balance of juggling time away from them to perform whilst still finding time as a family on the weekends is important.  I think at the moment I have the right work/life balance to suit us and it's great!



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