Dancing through a Pandemic

Posted on 14th May, 2020

Well... what a strange 8 weeks it has been so far, in "lockdown".  So much has changed in the world, since the arrival of Covid-19, and many lives lost.  However, there has also been positives that have come out of this - communities pulling together, families connecting more whether that be by social media, virtual chats or dropping off essentials to them.  It has allowed families time together and as a Mom as well as a dance teacher, it has meant some tough days as well as some lovely ones!  Trying to home school has its challenges, and it was a steep learning curve on how to teach dance online too! 


It was important for both my own mental well being and that of my dancers to get classes up and running.  The feedback I got from my dancers after the first few weeks was so heart warming, and spurred me to carry it on.  It isn't easy teaching online, there's lots to consider such as where you stand, can you be seen clearly, can you be heard ok, and is the music a reasonable volume, not to mention the whole mirror image confusion to contend with!


Having said all that, I have enjoyed teaching online far more than I anticipated!  It has allowed us to go back to basics, get stuck into technique and explore new moves that I wouldn't usually add into my usual classes.  It has given me something positive to focus on, and even on the bad days, when there have been tears, I have had to pick myself up and find my "dance mojo" and I think it has helped me to push on through.


How long this will go on for... who knows?  There seems signs of things starting to re-open as we move into the next phase but I still think it will be a while yet before groups are able to meet in an ennclosed setting to socialise & exercise.  So for now, we will shimmy on via the power of Zoom!  




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