New year, same love for dance

Posted on 6th January, 2020

Happy new year 2020!  

Wow.. how the years fly by... I can still remember 2011 like it was yesterday, heavily pregnant and then delivering our boys just before Christmas - how has that been 8 years! Since then life had been chaotic but full of amazing experiences and surrounded by love and support from family and friends.


I have really enjoyed a break from dance - I think we all need time out to re-charge our batteries and give time to other things in our lives that sometimes get neglected.  Tonight is my first class back of the year and silly as it sounds I always get a few butterflies in my tummy after a break, to get back into the swing of technique, combinations, creating choreography and hopefully welcoming some new dancers along with all my lovely regular ladies who I have missed!


It's a great time to think about our dance goals for the year ahead.  I am not a fan of "New year resolutions" as I feel they soon get forgotten or broken, leading to a sense of failure!  Instead, I like to think about what I can work towards that will help me to grow as a Mom, wife and dancer.  I managed more little snippets of dance practise in 2019 than ever before, and this is something I want to continue.  Whether it be literally improvising to one track whilst I run a bath for the boys, or managing a good 1 hour + session in my dance room - every little helps!  I have worked hard with my arm placement and fluidity too and want to keep this as a focus, along with strengthening my core and working on a good dance posture, as this is an area I sometimes let slip!  I still need to continue to strengthen my knee, and realising my limitations and not pushing my body to the limit.


I am excited to start to choreograph a new dance for my class and for a solo that I have in mind... I have a couple of hafla performances booked in so that will be something to focus on, and of course our hafla in May sounds ages away but it soon comes round!


Lots to work on, lots of exciting events to attend and lots of fun to be had in class too!



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