Sizzling summer dance vibes!

Posted on 29th July, 2019

I am loving these few weeks of sunshine - long may it continue!  I woke this morning to find the sun streaming in through my dance room windows and it looked so inviting that I actually couldn't wait to settle down on my yoga mat and do my knee exercises whilst listening to some Arabic tunes! 


The sunshine makes me happy but so does my dancing and I have really tried to make an effort the past month to fit in tiny slots of dance time even if it is just grabbing 5-10 minutes.  Sometimes these initial 5 minutes have lead to half an hours dance practise and at other times a quick track or two is all I have time for, but I am now taking the stance that any practise is better than no practise!  


I am trying to work on my arms and hands more, that's my focus for August, with my goal to have stronger and more fluid arm movements and pretty hand ripples!  It's good to have a focus to work on, along with 2 new choreographies for my hafla in December, so lots to keep me busy!


What are your goals as a dancer for August? I'd love to know!  

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It is nice to see you making an effort in this very hot weather. I made a pact with myself to practice etc during the summer holidays as I work term time omly but so far not managed any except to go to class on Tuesday evening. So much personal stuff has got in the way. I am going to try harder. I want to explore my own capabilities and push my confidence levels which have been knocked down of late 😩. I love your blog.
Take care hope to see you dance soon. Happy dancing ☺XXXXXXXX