Another Christmas comes round!

Posted on 30th December, 2018

Oops... a whole year since my last "blog" post!  I think social media is a lot to blame for that - I use Facebook and Instragram daily whereas it is more effort to get my laptop out and edit my website!


Christmas is always a time for relfection and I have had an up & down year dance-wise!  a knee injury meant that for the first time in my dance history I couldn't perform at my own hafla in May which left me feeling frustrated and sad!  I am at my happiest when i am performing, and it has taken months of rest, physio and pain relief to get it to about 80% where is needs to be.  I know it is still weak, but I am just happy that it is going in the right direction and that hopefully will continue to get stronger.


However, there have still been some great dance events I have attended - both dancing solo and with my performance troupe Eastern promise.  I really enjoyed choreographing some new routines in very different styles of dance - "Chaiyya Chaiyya" will probably be one of my all time favourite Bollywood routines as I love the music and the meaning behind the lyrics.


As we go into 2019 I am looking forward to dedicating more time on my solo dancing - it means giving myself a kick up the bum to practise as i am lazy when it comes to my own dance development, but i am already booked into a few workshops to look forward to!  I am also working on a duet with the lovely Lynne Chapman which will hopefully be ready to perform by May.  


Wishing all my dancers a happy & healthy new year for 2019 and here's to lots more shimmies and smiles along the way!




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