Merry Christmas!

Posted on 24th December, 2017

Another Christmas is upon us!  I do love having a bit of time out oover Christmas but because of the snow we had this year which disrupted class, it feels like I haven't danced properly in ages!


My dance room is currently full of Christmas presents and general junk that has been dumped there in an attempt to keep the rest of the house tidy, so I will be itching to blitz it and crack on with some dance practise in the new year!


It has been a lovely year dance-wise, lots of fun & laughter in class, some great choreographies thought up & learnt by you all, plus I have enjoyed some lovely performances, with my highlight being dancing a drum solo to Lynne Chapman drumming for me, a first for both of us!


This year has also seen classes being a bit quieter in numbers, which is always a shame, but I can only hope that come the new year, some old faces may return to shimmy with us again along with some newbies too!


Merry Christmas to you all x

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