Time to practise!

Posted on 8th October, 2017

Why is it that as a dance teacher, your own dancing always falls to the back of the queue when you have class choreographies to work on, private lessons to teach and events to plan!  It takes a lot of motivation to make yourself "just dance" as there always seems something else that needs doing - shopping, housework, or the school run!


I have tried to find time this month to snatch bits of time for some dance practise even if it is just a short drill but I have to admit I feel like I have failed!  My intention was to dance to at least 1 track a day, and I think I have only managed about 4 days this month of my own dance practise.


I have 2 routines to come up with for the hafla, as well as my performance troupe new choreography that I am half way through... I hate feeling the pressure to dance rather than being able to dance out of enjoyment!  But needs must so I need to crack down and do some dance in the evenings too. 


I have written this so that others know it is a struggle for us all, we all have good intentions whether its for more dance practise, to eat more healthily, exercise more or some other aspect of our life that needs more time and effort applied to it, but its ok to admit that sometimes things get in the way. Try and pair up with a "dance buddy" so that practise sessions are planned in the siary and you're more likely to stick to them, and feel great afterwards!

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