Wanting to hibernate!

Posted on 2nd February, 2017

I must admit I am not a fan of January... after the build up to & hype of Christmas, January always seems very long, dark and dreary.  Thank goodness we have now drifted into February and today for the first time I noticed it was getting darker later, so maybe its a small sign that Spring is on its way!


I am always very appreciative to my loyal dancers, but particularly at this time of year when it is so easy to go home from work, snuggle in the warm and not want to go out again!  And yet they come to class full of enthusiasm, ready to learn some new combinations, or get stuck into a new choreography!


I am pleased with the start of the 2 class routines, it's always a bit of an anxious time when I have spent a long time putting a dance together to see how it is received by my dancers, but I think so far so good!  Veil is my favourite prop, so I'm happy that my Sunday ladies will be swishing and twirling veils in time to a beaty, modern track.  in comparison, my Monday class are learning a Bollywood dance, and are getting to grips eith all the hand gestures, of which there are many!


I am happy that Alison and I will be joining forces again for another duet - she is my true shimmy sister, we know each other so well and our dance style is very similar!  As always my solo has taken a back seat, although I am performing at a hafla in March and so need to get on and work out a dance I am happy with!


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