Autumn - my favourite season!

Posted on 13th September, 2016

Ooh I love that Autumn feel that is in the air right now - the changing colours of the leaves, the conkers, acorns, dew on the car and the grass-  sometimes we are so busy rushing about to notice nature in its simplest form.  I know this has nothing to do with belly dance, but sometimes you just need to step outside, embrace the beauty around you and feel happy to be a part of it.  We all have housework to do, clothes to iron, shopping to put away or kids to feed and so sometimes there doesn't seem enough hours in the day to do it all and we lose sight of what makes us happy.  For me, it is finding the right balance - crazy as it may sound I like to go out to work - it gives me a sense of purpose and independence.  But I also like to grab those few hours here & there just for me, either to lose myself in my dancing, sit and play with my boys, go picking blackberries in the Autumn sun, or simply to sit and enjoy a few minutes peace and quiet with a newspaper.  (It doesn't happen often with 2 rowdy kids!)


I love the fact that for many of my dancers, their 1 hour dance lesson is their bit of 'me' time, to laugh, learn and relax with others in a lovely informal setting.  therefore I try hard to keep classes fresh and varied and a mixtrue of learning but with some fun and giggles thrown in too - life's too short to be serious all day!  


Sunday class has been a bit quiet of late, and it does make me feel a bit dispondent as I ask myself why have women drifted off - do they not like the current routine?  Is it something as simple as it being summer hols and therefore family days out and holidays take place, or is it another reason?  Who knows, but lets hope I can tempt some of them back as I would hate to lose one of my longest running classes, I adore my Sunday morning shimmies, it sets me up for the day ahead and there's such a lovely bond between so many of the women.

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