Swings & roundabouts!

Posted on 2nd August, 2016

What a strange title for my blog post.... but it's that odd expression it's "swings and roundabouts" that sums up how I feel about my belly dancing at the moment!  My Sunday class has gone very quiet, and its odd as it always used to be my most constant class with my most regular, dedicated dancers, but lately there has been a real shift and now suddenly my Monday evening is usually busy and Sundays seem a little thin on the ground!  I often wonder if it is because some dancers aren't as keen on the 'style' of belly dance we are doing for our routine - this term Sunday are doing tribal style which I know isn't for everyone, whereas Monday ladies are tackling a drum solo choreography!  


I also feel frustrated on a persnal level with my dance journey - I am STILL having problems with my shoulder and neck - not to the extent that it bothered me this time last year where it was in spasm, but still to the point where I struggle to get through a 2 hour workshop, which I would never have struggled with prior to this 'injury' or whatever the problem is.  I am going for an MRI scan tomorrow so I'm hoping it may shed some light, even if it's just to learn as to wehether it's something I need to accept will flare up and learn to live with it, or can I do something to help the problem and ease the discomfort...  Bearing this in mind I am having to be careful what I take on - I saw a fab sword workshop advertised a few weeks ago but the write up mentioned the content would work heavily on upper body and arms, neck & shoulder work, which obviously is crucial to sword dancing.  I knew that I would not be able to cope and so therefore had to let this opportunity pass...  little things like this frustrate me, but I will just listen to my body for now and work with my limitations.  I'd much rather dance a bit less than not at all!


Having said this I had a great opportunity on the weekend just gone to perform in the Sahra festival in Birmingham, organised by Lisa McKain and Janet Rose, and I performed along side some fantastic dancers from the UK and beyond.  I love to watch dancers of this 'level' as you can learn so much, by their confidence, their enthusiam, their personality and their delivery as a whole of their performance.  It gives me something to aim for!


Hafla preperations are coming along - I am so happy to be hosting Ozgen again after almost 5 years of not seeing him, and already his 2 workshops are sold out (in fact, it only took 48 hours!) It will be a great hafla, and I can't wait to the build up, and it will be here before we know it!  For now, happy dancing and I will try to 'blog' more often... kids and work seem to dominate my time at the moment!

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