Countdown to the hafla!

Posted on 3rd May, 2016

A quick blog post before I shoot off to work and do the nursery run!  What a wash out of a Bank Holiday, it's always the same isn't it!  I'm glad I had my dancing to keep me smiling!  Eastern Promise danced in a cow field of all places, at a 'Puddle Party' in aid of Primrose Hospice.  Admittedly the weather could have been kinder, and the ground was very uneven but we all said how much we enjoyed it, and having to do the best you can in situations like that make you relax and think 'what will be will be!' and it always ends up being alright!


Two weeks to go to the hafla - unfortunately our line up has changed, a few dancers have pulled out, but it still looks to be a great evening of dancing!  This is where I get a tad stressed trying to pull together all the bits of info from the performers to plan the line up and the play list, which involves converting music, down loading software in order to convert the music, uploading to several ipods as back up.... !  I will report back after the event how much we manage to raise on the night, I'm looking forward to it, especially as it will be the first hafla my boys have attended!

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