Happy Easter!

Posted on 28th March, 2016

Happy Easter!

I have eaten far too much chocolate and have a slightly bigger belly that needs some serious shimmy action to shake it off!  However, Easter and Christmas are the only times I actually cancel classes for a break other than if I go on holiday, so it's been nice to chill out for a weekend.  I was still dancing though - I had a private class myself (with me as student!) and I can totally appreciate how my dancers feel in class sometimes when I ask a lot of them or push them outside of their comfort zones.  I enjoy constructive criticism and advice, it's the only way to better yourself and move onwards and upwards but it's still HARD!  It does focus you though on what needs work and maybe helps with the self doubt that you sometimes feel about your own dancing when you have positive comments too, so its all swings & roundabouts!  There are a few of my own dancers who I would love to see progress to the 'next level' but people choose to belly dnace for numerous reasons, and so for some if it gets too serious and too challenging then it takes the fun out of it and loses its appeal.  For me, I want to absorb as much as I can from those who inspire me and teach me, and so I listen carefully to what they've got to tell me and then I do my homework in the hope of progressing with my own development.


Anyway, enough of the 'heavy stuff'!   I am thrilled as we have sold out of hafla tickets already! We have an amazing line up of dancers, diverse and of a really high standard - I can't wait!  Added to that I am hosting Katie Holland this weekend for a dance workshop which I'm excited about, she's teaching a bollywood/bhangra choreography!

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