Blustery belly dance!

Posted on 13th February, 2016

I am very lucky to have such a dedicated group of dancers over both my classes, as the past few weeks we have experienced some awful weather - rain, blustery winds, and just general cold damp nights!  I really do appreciate all my ladies coming out to class when it is oh so tempting to stay snuggled up indoors!  However, we always feel so much better after an hours belly dance, and both routines in class are coming along so well!


Unfortunately my beginners class didn't attract enough interest to keep it running so I have to cancel it, but my other two classes are open to people who want to join us, and I can also offer one to one private tuition for anyone wishing to work on their technique, choreography or to progress on a personal level with their own belly dance journey.


My Eastern Promise performance troupe have a few events coming up where we are dancing at, and we've just learnt a new sassy Gypsy-inspired routine!  I love it when the summer months come around again and we are there dancing on the grass at local events soaking up the sunshine (hopefully!)


Things are looking good for the coming months, we have Fulya booked to teach up a workshop in a few weeks time, and then the lovely Maria D'Silva teaching a workshop on the day of the hafla. It's all go!! Hafla tickets will be on sale 1st March - grab them soon!

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