Exciting year ahead!

Posted on 12th January, 2016

Happy new year to all you lovely dancers! I must admit I have this time of year, after the hype and build up of Christmas everything is now a bit 'flat' and dull, the weather is miserable, early evenings are still dark and damp... roll on Spring! However, it's not all doom & gloom, we have kick started the year in class by getting straight into learning new choreographies for the hafla!  I am using 2 totslly new pieces of music to me, which always makes it a longer process when choreographing, as I need to get used to the music first before I can begin to see a pattern/repitition, chorus, and then having to try and research the lyrics to ensure we are interpreting the music in the right way!


Eastern Promise already have some events booked in to dance at, and shortly I will be contacting organisers for us to dance at their summer fayres - time will fly!  My new years resolution is to give myself a bit more dance time to work on my own technique and development (I think I say this every year!!) and to keep on experimenting and keeping that passion alive by watching, reading and surrounding myself with inspiration.

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