We reached our target!

Posted on 21st October, 2015

A few days after the latest hafla and a chance to reflect on the night... it was a long day - decorating the room, then over seeing the can-can workshop even though I didn't join in myself, then quick hour at home to do last minute bits before being back at the venue to prepare for our hafla, then pack away again at the end of the night!  But as always it was well worth the stress and planning as we raised a fantastic £864 for the Worcestershire Prostate Awareness Group.  This charity is personal to our family as it was via one of their voluntary run clinics that my Dad found out he needed further investigation and subsequently underwent surgery for prostate cancer.  Therefore it meant a lot to be able to give something back.  I was also really pleased to be able to welcome some new faces to our hafla this time round, Ashiqui a local troupe from Solihull attended along with a soloist called Halley from Stourbridge and also a soloist dancing under the name Halima Sageera from Sheffield.  It's always a joy to meet new dancers and welcome their unique styles.  I was thrilled the Can-can Collective were our guest performers as they ended the night on a high with lots of 'whooping' and skirt swishing!  Real fun, especially during the earlier workshop too.  I am so proud of my dancers for their performances on the night and relieved that I was able to dance after my recent injury.  A big achievement for me too was that we have now raised over £10,000 collectively over the years through our haflas, helping local and National charities along the way.  Roll on the next one...!

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