Another hafla fast approaching!

Posted on 27th September, 2015

I can't believe our hafla is only a few weeks away, they come round so quick! I'm glad this one is earlier in the year as last year it was too close to Christmas and left me a bit stressed as I had so much going on! I am  just about to put together the line up of performances which always gives me a bit of a headache! It can be tricky making sure some dancers have enough time to change between performances  and also getting a varied line up.


My troupe are dancing at Tracys hafla on Saturday which I'm really looking forward to, as it's always nice to support local dancers and good to go to a hafla you haven't had to organise!  We also danced today for a Macmillan event and it went really well, we are looking a lot more polished I think!!


I am finally feeling better in myself and was so pleased I was able to perform today - yay! The physio and perserverance is paying off, fingers crossed it continues!

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