Aches & pains...

Posted on 23rd August, 2015

The past few months haven't been great in terms of dancing - because I haven't hardly danced!  I have been ill for weeks now, and at the moment my neck and shoulders are in spasm and all locked up.  It's so painful and frustrating as it means that I haven't been able to really dance or work.  That aside, I am very pleased with how the class routines are looking!  Both classes finished them within the last few weeks so it's now a question of practising and polishing certain aspects! I love that they are very different in style, but both routines involve props and will look great when being performed at the hafla.  


We've also just learn our 'fun' routine today - it has become customary I think that we end our hafla on a fun note with a short, sharp routine always to a track that the audience will know as it helps with the atmosphere.  I think this one is really fun!


I had to cancel a veil workshop I had planned to teach earlier this month, but am looking forward to our burlesque one in September.  A group of women, chairs, hats and lots of sassy moves!

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