A joy to dance!

Posted on 26th June, 2015

Last night I performed at the Ben Hall hafla hosted by Lynne Chapman and had been invited as "star dancer"!  What an honour, it was a joy to dance there, such a high calibre of dancers and a great variety in the line up.  I danced a drum solo, and then my double veil - 2 very different dances, and I was nervous about my veil dance as sometimes it works and other times when practising it just doesn't! That's the thing about props, they are so temperamental!  Anyway thank goodness it all went smoothly and I enjoyed dancing on stage in a great venue.


I have also been trying to do a daily dance drill until the end of June to make me practise my dancing for at least 5 minutes a day! It can be so difficult when life is busy with kids and work and household chores, but it's easy to find excuses when really, most of us can find 5 minutes in the day once the kids are in bed or while tea is cooking!  I am enjoying it and hope some of my dancers are coming along for the journey too, there's only a few more days left!

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