Come & party with us - the hafla is here!

Posted on 22nd May, 2015

I can't believe our hafla is tomorrow - they seem so far away when I book them like 5 months in advance and tell all my dancers the date, and now here it is! I am very excited as we have a great line up of performers, sadly a few have had to pull out but thats okay as it means more time for shopping, eating, drinking and socialising! 


I am a tad nervous about my solo, but fingers crossed, I will report back how it goes after the event! I always put pressure on myself to do something more challenging that the time befor,e but I think its important, especially as a dance teacher and performer, to do that.  You need to constantly be challenging yorself, and your ability and experiementing with different styles of dance.  I don't have one style that I favour, I love most of them!


We've got some great raffle prizes that have been donated, and a bottle of Whisky for a game of 'roll the coin', so we'll see how that goes down!  This time we're also doing things differently and not having a shared buffet.  I am constantly looking to change certain things if they don't work, or am open to suggestions, so let's see how it goes!


I am sat here having been spray tanned, trying not to let my clothes stick to me too much as I don't want patches! Things you do as a belly dancer! :)


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