Beat the blues...Belly Dance!

Posted on 24th March, 2015

I have had a rubbish week with one thing and another family-wise, but I can honestly say my belly dancing keeps me sane and smiling!  Not just the way the dancing de-stresses and invigorates but more importantly the friendship and support from fellow dancers - I love how our classes are so supportive when others are going through a rough time.  


Our routines are coming on really well - my Sunday ladies look fab in their big 'swishy' skirts for the gypsy stye, and the Monday ladies have really nailed the more tricky bits of the routine and so it's all looking good!  My performance troupe Eastern Promise are onto learning their 3rd routine and our costuming is coming together nicely!  We've also got some performances booked in our diary to look forward to!


Big announcement...hafla tickets go on sale from Sunday!  There is a price increase from £5 to £6 a ticket, the first increase in about 6 years!  This is to covering my increasing costs along with paying out for a guest performer.  I;m pleased to say we are raising money for the Redditch & Bromsgrove Stroke Support Group.

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