Onwards & Upwards!

Posted on 22nd October, 2014

Well I decided to write a lil' message - not sure if anyone reads them but hey ho! And there's been some update to my website 'builder' and so I can't figure out what I'm doing -argh!!


As always it's been a busy few months, I've got a lot of changes ahead for me in 2015 which is daunting and scary - more to come on that later! I am busy planning the hafla in December, I've got a full line up of performances, and will soon be nagging troupes for their music and stressing over my own dance that I never work on enough!


A few weeks ago I danced at Dodo's hafla in Southam and it was so nice to perform without the added stress of having to organise the hafla! It's always fun to watch other dancers perform, I love the diversity of styles.  I had a lovely message on facebook shortly after from a dancer who was also there, complimenting me on my drum solo and saying I'd inspired her in some way with her own dancing - what lovely comments and really nice of her to take the time to tell me.


Going to haflas always makes me appreciate how lucky we are that belly dance seems to create a real social element and brings women of all ages and backgrounds together.  I have picked up on a hint of 'clickiness' and dare I say even bitchiness in my classes recently which has saddened me as I have always been really proud that my classes are welcoming of anyone who joins us and there is a friendly atmosphere.  I don't think many have noticed, I think it is just a few individuals saying a few comments within ear shot of me, and to be honest I don't want to hear it - I'm not expecting everyone to like everyone, I know that doesn't happen in life as we gel with some people more than others.  However, I just hope that everyone can be respectful and friendly and remember above all that we are all there for the same reason - our love of belly dance! 


We've got some lovely things coming up in the next few months - a few birthday celebrations with afternoon tea, our Christmas meal, plus our end of year hafla!  I do love Christmas and all the celebrations that go with it!


I taught a Bollywood workshop last weekend and really enjoyed it - I love being able to have that extra bit of time to break down moves and help dancers individually who my be struggling with a certain step or arm placement.  I get a real sense of achievement from teaching a workshop and especially when I receive positive feedback afterwards, so thank you!  I have a tribal one planned for Nov and then they begin again in January!