Lots to think about - busy as ever!

Posted on 17th July, 2014

I have been thinking alot lately about the direction my dancing is going - if I could feasibly make a living from teaching (albeit earning a lot letter than my current day job) or if there is scope instead to teach several new classes to hopefully offer a range of styles that appeal to everyone and keep things fresh!  


I am excited at the prospect of starting a new 'performers class' where we will work towards learning new & old choreographies, practising them and working on formations with a view to performing at local events throughout the year.  A handful of my dancers already seem keen! I will keep you updated...


It is difficult, but now my time is limited and finances are tighter with having 2 little ones and working less hours, I find I can't take on as much as I used to, and especially those events asking me to perform for free or do a little demo, if it's a charity event etc.  Whereas before I would have said yes I am now limited with child care and don't have much spare time so am having to be firm and gently turn down offers unless they are for paid work.  I hope people can understand this.  I feel I give back to the community by organising 2 haflas a year where ALL the proceeds  go to our chosen charities.  It is always worth asking me, but just be aware that I am trying to limit at the moment how much I do as I have found in the past few months I've been spreading myself a bit thin and feeling like I was struggling to keep up with it all!


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