Summer snippets!

Posted on 21st August, 2013

It's mid-August and these next few weeks i'm having to cancel classes here & there which I don't like doing but sometimes needs must, so please check the 'latest updates' page for dates.  I like to carry on through summer unlike many teachers who stop for the whole of the summer holidays, but it does mean numbers can fluctuate a lot as people are away, and so trying to teach a routine is made more difficult. 


My new class in Bromsgrove is a bit quiet - it's a lovely bunch of ladies, who are all really keen to learn and get the technique which is fab and we have a giggle too!  However, if numbers don't improve I may have to stop running it as the last few weeks I have actually made a loss, which isn't very productive!  If anyone new is reading this, or my currents dancers have friends or family interested in giving belly dancing a go then please come along!  It is great to go back to basics and learn the moves step by step.


I was lucky enough to attend 2 workshops 2 weekends in a row - the 1st taught by Maria D'Silva which was great, I learnt a lot, and left with some nice new moves or different ways of doing moves, and the 2nd taught by Fulya on fan veils - a difficult prop to work with!  It's nice now the boys are older to be able to get back into the dance scene a bit more, althoguh I still neglect my own dance development & practise far too much...I must work on that!

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