Motivation is creeping back!

Posted on 2nd June, 2013

I hate to say it, but for the past few months, maybe even a little longer, my enthusiam for belly dance has dropped a little, and i've lost my 'spark'!  I think it is mostly to do with tiredness/lack of energy and not being able to find the time to work on my own dance interests.  It is all I can do just to stay on top of class choreographies and class plans, plus having the hafla to start organising.  It is hard to keep motivated and 'fresh' when you've been dancing about 8 years, and I appreciate the dancers who have stuck with me for maybe 5-6 years now.  Most have become firm friends and it is more than just a weekly dance class.  I like to keep my classes varied and fun, and this means putting in the time to find new styles, new music and a variety of choreographies.  I'm pleased to say though that for some reason today, I felt that spark that I haven't felt for a while.  I think it may have sometihng to do with the fact that I taught a beginners taster session, and while it's hard work, I do love teaching beginners, especially when they get that 'eureka' moment when they nail a move.  I love watching dancers progress and grow in confidence and it's great to see that we've become a lovely circle of supportive friends both inside & outside of class.  I haven't got the time or energy at present to start up a new beginners class, but it has got me thinking I may teach a series of workshops & try & dot them around in different venues throughout Redditch to try and reach some new faces.  Some people just won't travel even to the other side of town (all of 10 mins!) whereas others don't drive and so it is made difficult.  I am going to make an effort to put aside some time each week to work on my own dancing, even if it's just half an hour, to see if I can get my 'mo-jo' back!

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