Too much to do, too little time!

Posted on 25th April, 2013

I realised that I haven't 'blogged' for AGES!  Maybe I don't have anything to share with you, but the real reason is because I don't seem to find time anymore!  I knew being a Mommy wasn't going to be easy, but I think I under-estimated just how much time is taken up by my boys!  Even when they're in bed and I flop on the sofa, by the time I've had tea, tidied the lounge that looks like a bombs hit it, and had a quick flick through facebook to catch up on gossip, it's time for bed at 9pm!


Needless to say my dancing has had to take a back seat in recent months.  It's all I can do just to find time to plan material for class - combos & warm ups, along with the choreographies!!  It means I don't get to work on my own dance development, or go to workshops or dance weekends like I used to.  I used to be browsing ebay for belly dance costumes or a new hip scarf - now I'm browsing Kiddicare to bulk buy nappies or but the boys some toys! 


I'm not moaning, I love being a Mommy, and I know in the near distant future when they are a bit more independant and can amuse themselves I might be able to grab an hour or two here or there to shimmy around the house & come up with fab choreographies again!  Although saying that, Joe loves music & dance, and whenever I have my itunes on, going through stuff for class, he goes frantic, wants to be picked up and then we dance and he has such a big smile on his face!  Riley isn't as bothered, but dances in his own subtle way by shaking his head!


Both the class routines are looking good - we've just finished them so now they both need lots of practise!  I'm looking forward to putting a routine together for a duet with Alli, as I always love dancing with her, and we don't get to do it often enough anymore.  And I'm surev I'll hash together a solo in the day or so before the hafla if past experience is anything to go by!

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