When is it no longer belly dance...?

Posted on 22nd September, 2012

I am sat trying to add to the class choreographies for this term, and realised that out of 5 routines, only 1 is choreographed to what i'd call 'proper' belly dance music.  the others are modern tracks, ranging from Jail house rock, Elvis to Beyonce!!  I think my dancers enjoy having a variety of different music to dance to, but it does sometimes worry me that if they get too used to me using modern 'pop' tracks that they'll be less keen when I do then use a more traditional piece of music for a routine.  I know some of the ladies find certain types of belly dance music repetitive or even 'boring' but I think that comes from lack of knowledge about the different styles of belly dance.  I wish I had had a teacher who had pointed out 'this is classical egyptian style' or 'this is Baladi' or' this is modern Cairo' instead of just lumping everything under the one heading of 'belly dance', as this is all I have known and it is hard to move away from it.  I just hope that my dancers are open to learning about some different styles over the next year as I maybe explore some different genres and styles.  We'll see how it goes!  If you have a view on this, click to post a comment and share your views with me!

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I love the different variety of the modern and traditional but find that the audience seem to enjoy the modern tracks best