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Posted on 11th September, 2012

We've just spent a long weekend in Cornwall, near Looe, with mom, dad and the boys.  it was so nice to escape the normal daily routine and to have some family time where the boys got to see their Daddy more than just an hour or two in the evenings.  they had their first dip in the sea, and had a lick of Nanny's icecream - thats what holiday is all about!  Can't wait until we go to Center Parcs next year when they are that bit older and can understand more.

As we were away classes were obviously cancelled, but I do miss my dancing! Its the only bit of exercise I get to do at the moment, and it's nice to catch up with the girls.  I an really loving all the routines we are doing in cass at the moment, it will be a hectic hafla for those who come to both classes and so potentially could be dancing 5 times!  As always there's never any pressure to perform any of the dances, it is just as fun to come along & watch.  November seems ages away but it will fly I'm sure!

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