Benefits of Online Classes


* Clear view of me teaching from several angles

* Re-visiting basic moves & the technique       behind them

* Comfort of dancing in your own home!

* Keeping your dance motivation going

* Ability to ask questions & get feedback

* Good for your mental health & well being

* Form of exercise

* Gives you a focus during these difficult times




I have 2 options for payment for online classes - Either a 4 week block for £10/1 class a week or £20/2 classes a week or if you wish you can pay £3 for an individual class


Our next block of 4 week sessions begins on Mon 23rd & Wednesday 25th November.  However you can choose to join any class on a 'Pay as you go' basis if you don't wish to subscribe to the 4 week block. 


I have had some amazing feedback from my dancers whilst we have been dancing "virtually"!  See below some of the comments that dancers have been kind enough to send in messages following classes

Online Classes


Since the end of March we have all had to think differently as to how we can adapt our dance classes whilst in "lockdown".  


Luckily, technology has allowed many dance teachers, myself included, to continue to offer classes during this Pandemic, using Zoom as a platform.


Classes are 30 minutes long so I ask that you warm up before linking in to the Zoom class so we are ready to go!


At present (Nov 2020) classes are running on Zoom on a Mon and Wed evening both at 6.30pm.

Mondays will be focusing on Bollywood and ATS (tribal style) 

Wednesdays will cover technique, drills & combos



Please get in touch if you would like to join any of my Zoom classes.  If you're worried about how Zoom works, please don't be, it is as simple as clicking on a link from your laptop and it takes you straight to the class!  You can also access Zoom from a tablet or mobile phone but how to log on may vary.  I am happy to talk anyone through using Zoom - it has been a very quick learning curve for me too!