New beginnings!

Posted on 4th January, 2017

Happy new year to all! 


I haven't updated my website in a few months, where does the time go, one major reason is because I do almost everything off my phone now in terms of the internet - emails, facebook etc, but I can only really update my website from my laptop, so it involves me finding a quiet half hour - difficult with 2 rowdy boys around!


My new years resolution is going to be to do a bit less - I tend to take on too much with good intentions, but I get a bit bogged down with the time things take to organise, plan, put into practise etc, and therefore all my spare time gets taken up and then my health starts to suffer...


So this year i will try and say 'no' a bit more, so that I can concentrate more on the things I am already committed to, and do them well!  I need to find time to plan my classes, new choreographies, plus work on my own personal development within my dance journey.   


I have 2 teachers booked in to teach workshops in Feb & March, plus the next hafla is already booked in the diary for May and planning for it is well under way!


I am hoping to see some new faces in class next week - let's see if we can inspire some new ladies to join us on our belly dance journey!

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